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Sunday Scribblings – In The News

Posted by susanabraham2007 on April 6, 2007


I love the morning news and relish poring over social commentaries and other magazines like Achitectural Digest, Vanity Fair & Harpers & Queen. I worked as a fashion journalist for some years in Singapore/Malaysia and so enjoyed the buzz it contained.

I lived life in its glitzy enthusiastic spin.

This was followed by a soul-searching interlude of 6 years when I thought I would do other things instead. I travelled spontaneously but could not write. My desire for news sank despondently like a submarine. I was too immersed with myself.

Last year, I returned to my country Malaysia for a bit and the desire to write creatively, suddenly sprouted up with splendid voracity. To my delight, the old spark for journalism also returned in hot pursuit of the old me.

I felt a mild sense of rejuvenation to my spirit…still untouched and still seeking to grow and learn with the times.

I have now planned to return to journalism as a career abroad even while writing my novel and play, and to specialise either in arts or fashion.

Such an ambition naturally turns the ever-changing European news to the best of my advantage. This to signal my continued progression as an individual that thankfully has not diminished.

My interests in life have widened unexpectedly and I need the news to catch up and satisfy my appetite for a deeper understanding of world issues and its current paradoxes of discussions and decisions.

I am now the morning person. I wake to the song of birds outside my window, a good breakfast and a coffee. One of the first things I do after a shower is to catch up on the world news and current affairs online.

I feel that when I read the world news I am whirling along with the different continents…revolving on my happy axis and always on the move. Such is its intensity to cloud my intellect with deep reflections, that I stay vibrant and excited about my future.

In fact, my homepage is always made up one of the British papers. It could be the Daily Telegraph or The Times. On the weekends, I change this to the Guardian newspaper because it offers delicious morsels on books, novelists and story extracts. It talks about paintings, cuisine and the theatre with celebration. There is so much to discover. I am at home with these papers, having lived in London for 3 years.

When I open my Web every morning to these pages, I feel instantly alive. To catch knowledge is to stay on top of things. I do balance reading the tragic with at least a few social commentaries, this based on the political headlines of the day.

I find that such dialogue helps me fathom my thoughts and fashion my articulation for my writing craft. Reading the news and staying abreast of things do colour my stories with events, episodes and anecdotes that I may otherwise never have conjured up. – susan abraham


16 Responses to “Sunday Scribblings – In The News”

  1. strauss said

    Interesting to read more about your writing career Susan 😉

  2. Get Zapped said

    Susan, maybe you should date my almost Ex. :-p He wishes I was more into such intellectual pursuits. I cringe at such things at times. Feeling overwhelmed by the horrors that go on in the politcial world. I know it’s not wise to shut down from these realities, but my soul struggles with them. However, I do enjoy pursuing Architectural Digest. Nice blog!

  3. Beaman said

    I am very similar to you in my enjoyment of the news and world events. European news is of particular interest to me, always interesting and usually provides a lot of information regarding cultural aspects.

  4. Susan, I know what you mean. There are a few days when something comes up and I don’t have a chance to check the news, and I always feel so disconnected, as if I were unplugged from the world. Of course, I have to limit my reading time, or it would quickly get out of hand…

    I think any writer needs to read, to absorb fresh thoughts and ideas in order to function well, and that is even more essential for a journalist, as you know. You’ve certainly explained one of your secrets for staying on top of everything, although I’m sure there’s more to it.

  5. I love your enthusiasm for journalism and your writing.
    With spring on our toes, I’m trying to rise with the sun more also….my most creative time of day.
    LOVE the Warhol art effect!

  6. Paris Parfait said

    The Guardian is one of my favourite papers. And even though I’m a news “junkie,” there are days I have to turn it off, for my mental health!

  7. gautami said

    I cannot do without my newspapers. I spend hours going throough those. You post made a good read.

  8. colleen said

    I do love the news as much as I hate it. One way to make it better is to get in there and make your mark from within.

  9. Your career plans sound so exciting! I do hope everything works out for you!

  10. JHS said

    Very interesting. You’ve had quite a career. Your perspective is very different than many of the other participants.

  11. Jennifer said

    I’m so jealous that you can travel and write so freely! Keep it up!

  12. Khambagirl said

    I love the morning news, as well. But the computer screen just doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ to it as a real newspaper.

  13. rel said

    I used to be a news junkie, but found my developing cynacism to much of a down flow. Social commentary and other aspects of the media still get plenty of attention from me, mostly thru internet avenues. The mainstream media has lost my confidence. Your enthusiasm, on the other hand, is refreshing and renews my hope that journalists will one day be allowed to be true journalists.

  14. KG said

    Susan — That’s great that you’re going back to journalism because I so respect your writing and integrity. The news media — and thus, all of us and anyone who reads your writing — will benefit.

    It’s also very interesting to read about the changes in your continuing writing life.

  15. susan, your enthusiasm is infectious! i saw many things in your post that reflect my own desire to “grow and learn with the times”. An interesting read!

  16. Thank you so much, all the wonderful 15 of you. 🙂
    I have visited each of you in return and left comments.

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